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Communication Essentials

1. purpose. mission statement. Why are you doing what you are doing?
2. vision. Where do you want to go? What is your big dream?
3. gist. How do you want people to think about you? What is the essence of the project?
4. niche. What do you do better than anyone?
5. collateral. How do you present your professional image (logo, business card, stationery, invoice design, resume, brochure, fliers, etc.)?
6. portfolio. What is the best work you have already done? What is the best way to present this work (electronic, print, video)?
7. website. Present yourself to the world. Show off your personality.
8. blog. Show off your expertise.
9. social media. Connect with the right people.
10. video. Present your knowledge and personality to its fullest. Attract the attention of your target audience.
11. appearance. grooming, wardrobe, habits.
12. book. Write a book to show your expertise.

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